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  1. Jennifer Bonhomme Says:


    I just wanted to let you know Carbonite, the online back up service, just launched its all new version 3.5, making backing up your PC easier then ever. Carbonite just launched its all new version 3.5, making backing up your PC easier then ever. New features include:

    · Enhanced file restoration

    · Incremental back up

    · File versioning

    · Back up scheduling

    If you have any questions or would like more information regarding Carbonite version 3.5 please contact me at 020 8752 2274 or via email.

    All the best,

    Carbonite Launches Version 3.5
    Now it’s easier than ever before to back up your PC

    Host of new features including enhanced restore process that makes safeguarding and recovering files quicker and easier

    London, 6th February 08 – Leading online backup company Carbonite (www.carbonite.co.uk) today launches a new version of its automatic Online PCBackup™ service that makes backing up faster and more efficient than ever before. Bursting with new features, Version 3.5 offers an enhanced file restoration process, incremental backup, file versioning, backup scheduling and optional private key encryption. In addition, the service sports a new interface and offers users a rapid response help service.

    Still priced at the low price of $49.95 (about £25) a year for unlimited storage, a fraction of the price of competing services, new users can access a free 15-day trial without the need to enter credit card details at Carbonite’s UK site: http://www.carbonite.co.uk. Existing Carbonite subscribers will be automatically upgraded to Version 3.5 over time.

    “Recently we conducted research looking at the backing up habits of over 1,600 UK PC owners. A staggering 65% revealed they had lost precious files stored on their PC’s hard drive, and 55% of respondents said they don’t backup because they don’t know how to do it. That’s why we’ve made the new features in Version 3.5 more straightforward and faster than ever before,” comments Floyd Bradley, EVP International of Carbonite.

    Enhanced File Restoration Process and Restore Wizard
    In the event of catastrophic data loss, Carbonite’s file restoration process has been enhanced to ensure users can be reunited with any lost files quickly and easily. Users will now see a tab that details the restoration progress, a recovery log displaying pending and recently restored files, and the option to stop the restore process at any point.

    A helpful restore wizard guides users through the restore process. It enables files to be automatically transferred from a particular Windows user account on a backed up PC, to another account on a new computer. The wizard also has the capacity to create a new Windows account to restore files to and can transfer files between an XP and Vista operated PC.

    Optional personalised encryption keys have also been included, so users can be sure their data is kept private and secure.

    New Interface and Help Service
    Carbonite’s familiar dots are still present, but have been further enhanced. Green and yellow dots can now be found on folders as well as individual files, with green indicating the entire folder is backed up and yellow meaning at least one sub-folder is queued for backup.

    A new addition is the green doughnut (a green dot with a hole in the middle), which indicates all files selected for backup within a folder are backed up, but that some files within the folder have not been selected for backup.

    A new online help service and account management pages have been provided to improve user experience. At the same time, useful HTML tips and navigation are now displayed in the Carbonite backup drive, to aid users when browsing through their backed up files and recovering files.

    These additions to the interface are designed to make assessing backup status even easier and increase Carbonite’s seamless integration with the Windows Explorer programme.

    Incremental Backup
    Incremental backup has also been included, so even the smallest changes to a document are constantly backed up, without unnecessary delays. This means a single updated cell in an Excel spreadsheet will be backed up on its own, instead of the entire document. This greatly improves backup speed.

    File Versioning
    This feature allows different versions of backed up files, created when a user makes changes or updates to an existing document, to be automatically saved for three months. Versions can easily be retrieved by right clicking on any backed up file and selecting ‘Restore previous versions’.

    Backup Scheduling
    In addition to the automatic backup, Version 3.5 offers users the option to schedule backups for specific times and days. A range of options are open to users, such as once a day backup or suspension of backup during busy times. Users can even tailor their own specific backup schedule through the advanced scheduling options.

    “Recently launched online storage solutions by large Internet players are proving expensive and limited in storage capacity, meaning that users have to select which files to back up over others. In this digital era, most PC users have music, photographs and videos on their hard drives and require a backup service that ensures every file is backed up, not just the files that fall within certain backup ranges. This is what Carbonite provides,” says David Friend, CEO of Carbonite.

    To date, Carbonite has backed up more than 2.5 billion files and restored more than 160 million files for clients.


    Notes to Editors
    About Carbonite
    Successful serial entrepreneurs David Friend (CEO) and Jeff Flowers (CTO) founded Carbonite in January 2005. The company is backed by an impressive list of investors, including Common Angels, Menlo Ventures and 3i.

    Carbonite believes that PC users should not have to think about backup. Its mission is to provide an inexpensive, reliable and truly easy-to-use product for the mainstream PC user; one that is simple, safe and always on.

    The company’s flagship product, Online PCBackup™, is an incredibly simple and cost-effective way to back up a PC, offering unlimited automatic back up for around £2.50 per month. Online PCBackup™ allows users to ‘set and forget’, knowing that in the event of PC theft or damage, their data is safe and secure.

    Carbonite carefully looks after user data – all data is encrypted twice before it ever leaves a customer’s PC using the secure transmission method employed in online banking.

    For further information or to arrange an interview please contact:

    Simon Hilliard / Ronan McNern / Victoria Lefroy at Racepoint Group UK (formerly Fuse PR)
    Tel: + 44 (0) 208 752 3217 / 3206 / 3209
    Email: carboniteuk@racepointgroup.com

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